Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Differing accounts of Belarussian "election"

Pravda's is here:

The director of the Belarussian KGB, Leonid Erin, shocked the protesters. When hundreds of demonstrators approached the building of the KGB, Erin personally invited several people from the crowd to his office. Erin talked to them quietly and promised them that he would never let anyone infringe upon their freedom and independence. After that the astounded protesters decided that there was no need to continue the meeting and so they left.

and Radio Free Europe's is here:

Alyaksandr Sosnov is deputy director of the Minsk-based Institute for Socio-Economic and Political Studies in Minsk. He says young people are the most active participants in the protests.

"For two days now, young people have been beaten, but they continue to gather. They are supported not only by young people but also by known politicians, such as Statkevich and Lyabedzka. Yesterday, Lyabedzka was injured and taken to the hospital," Sosnov said.

Lyabedzka is recuperating from broken ribs and a concussion suffered during his arrest.

Well, whatever. Looks like "Europe's Last Dicatator" just declared himself dictator for life. Personally, I'm hoping the oft-rumored union with Russia will take place. It's probably better off for all involved.


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