Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Anti-Gay Crusade in Virginia

Gets carried away:

- In 2004, Del. Robert Marshall sponsored the so-called Marriage Affirmation Act, a draconian law that not only bans civil unions, but may also strip gay people of their basic right to enter into private contracts, such as wills and medical directives with their life partners.


Another example is that of Fredericksburg-area couple Barbara and Tibby. Barbara, a therapist, and Tibby, a retired schoolteacher, have been together for 40-years and lived in Virginia for more than three decades. According to the Free Lance Star, in 2001, Barbara had a brain aneurysm. While she is still able to function, her long-term future is uncertain.

Thanks to Del. Marshall's Marriage Affirmation Act, the couple can't be sure that the legal contracts they once drew up will sufficiently protect Tibby if Barbara passes away. Although they would much rather stay in Virginia, they are moving to Maryland.

"The whole thing has been a nightmare," Barbara, told the Star. "The law has already accomplished what it set out to do - to squash us and to hurt us."

This is not a gay issue. This is an issue of private property. Governments that don't recognize private property are antithetical to freedom and prosperity. We can't allow governments to be invalidating contracts between consenting adults on the basis of "We don't like it." The inherent implication is that all you have belongs to the government, and you may only determine what happens to it with their approval.

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