Friday, April 01, 2005

Grand Slam, Dick Morris

Print this one and frame it.

...when we put ourselves in her place, more than 80 percent of us think we would want to die. To be told that we must linger in a non-life because of the dictates of a governor wedded to the religious right and a Congress in the grip of ideologically driven leaders seems to the vast majority of us a level of government interference we find too intrusive to tolerate.

Next to a decision that we must live as vegetables, OSHA regulations, IRS bullying and EPA stubbornness pale by comparison. How ironic that, at the precise moment when most of us are prepared to embrace the agenda of the libertarian conservatives, we find the Republican Party, their supposed champions, running screaming in the other direction.

And thus we limited government types are left abandoned in the process, ditched at the dance by our date without a ride home (well, there IS
that crazy kid on the unicycle who keeps trying to get our attention - but he just keeps on making an ass of himself at all the key moments). A lot of us have been voting elephants over asses based on the idea that socialist economic policies have a proportionately greater impact on our daily lives than the FCC fining Nickelodeon for gay sponges on TV or the insistence that some funny bible story get equal time with the science of carbon dating in a biology class in Mississippi. But Dick Morris is absolutely correct in stating that this kind of interference has got to weigh more heavily than those other shenanigans - and that isn't in the GOPs favor.


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