Thursday, July 14, 2005

So hockey is back

I'm a hockey geek, so I'll be watching... and about 15 other people who still care. I'd like to personally thank Gary Bettman and Bob Goodenow for being complete idiots and costing us a whole season simply in order to settle upon essentially what was on the table from the beginning. Special props go out to Goodenow, who won exactly NOTHING for his union members while screwing them out of a full year of their relatively short playing careers.

Oh, and now we're gonna end the games with shootouts? That's right. The NHL should go out of their way to emulate all the success that soccer has had here in North America.


Ah, hell. I bitch now, but I'll be as pumped as anybody in October.



Anonymous Maia said...

Ugh, shootouts. It's just sad.

The only answer for hockey is to contract the league by about ten teams but they'll never ever do that.

I can't even remember who is on the Flyers anymore. Do we even have a goalie? Can he score goals? I seem to remember that our goalie would score goals . . .

ah the good old days . ..

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Derek said...

Well, I AM the only peroson in Florida who cares.

Flyers suck... :-)


10:33 PM  

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