Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Andrew Sullivan's endorsement is in

and it's a bit of a surprise to me. Not surprising to me, however, is that his endorsement of Kerry is the most convincing one I've seen thus far. Not convincing enough to sway me to his point of view or anything, but enough to make me acknowledge that his rationale is sound. As more and more of the libertarian minds I respect come down on the side of Kerry, I suppose I have to give some deference to their judgement and at least allow that a Kerry presidency would not be the absolute disaster I have been afraid it would be.

Nevertheless, I cannot so easily dismiss what Sullivan acknowledges as Kerry's "faith in global institutions" - a faith which I would describe as dangerously misguided - and most importantly that "He intuitively believes that if a problem exists, it is the government's job to fix it". This is the ultimate difference in philosophy that makes me fear the outcome of four years of political expediency personified catering to every special interest that promises a swing state vote or two for 2008.

Meanwhile, however, Sullivan outlines the case against Bush perfectly - not as a hate-filled Michael Moore style diatribe, but as a matter of fact evaluation of his first term - from a moderate libertarian point of view. He outlines Bush's failures in executing the war in Iraq - without alledging some sinister plot - and enumerates his faults on domestic issues - calling him on the sleeper issue that will ultimately prove to be the biggest disaster of his first term - "He has made the future boomer fiscal crunch far more acute by adding a hugely expensive new Medicare prescription drug entitlement."

And so, the net result of all this is that one of the political minds out there that I most respect is going to be voting for Kerry - and as one who may have certain regrets about voting third party and thus indirectly contributing to a Kerry victory, perhaps I can take a bit of comfort in the possibility (likelihood?) that Kerry is not as horrible as I may have thought, and Bush, well, in his own words, we know what we're getting there don't we?

After reading this, I'm still where I was yesterday - I'll be voting Badnarik and then heading home and rooting for Bush, but, should Kerry win, I'll be clicking this link next Wednesday to assure myself it's not the end of the world.


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