Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day

I voted at lunch... Passing at least 1,352 Kerry/Edwards signs and one or two Bush ones. the town has the feel of a Communist Party rally, with the one opposition (Bush) supporter at 15th and Locust carefully looking over his shoulder for fear of being ambushed. What a city.

Think there's a few democratic supporters shipped in to town? Every block has a moveon.org delegation. Here's conversation I overheard between two chicks wearing "Young Democrat" shirts outside of Hightops bar on 15th St.

Chick 1 -(holding cigarette - calling to her friend who's going in) - Hold up! I can't go in there.

Chick 2 - Sure you can. You can smoke here.

Well, I personally would like to thank the good folks from NYC for coming down here and instructing us backwards hick folk how to vote. NOW GO HOME!!!

Bitter? Me? Nah.

Well, I suppose I'll have more later on this evening as the totals start rolling in. It'd be nice to have a concession speech from somebody by, say... 2AM huh? I ain't holding my breath.


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