Thursday, December 02, 2004

I had feared Yushchenko was Going Soft

but I find this statement heartening.

"If after the supreme court decision, a date for the runoff vote is not fixed, we will take adequate measures against the government," said Yushchenko.


The talk of a Kuchma/Putin backed "compromise" which takes months and sidelines Yushchenko has me worried.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm learning to wait a day before freaking out when Yushchenko appears to be wobbly. He's got a President/VP dynamic going with Tymoshenko -- he speaks diplomatically and shakes hands with Yanukovych, she organizaes a press conference the next day and gives a barnburner speech. He stays presidential and above the fray that way. It's great. :-)

-Discoshaman, Le Sabot Post-Moderne

4:05 AM  

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