Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Intrigue... Intrigue... Intrigue...

Well, I'm becoming more and more convinced of the truth behind the speculation that Yushchenko was poisoned. In addition to this article, I was listening to local AM blab station (WPHT) this morning, and a medical resident who ran around his hospital, showing "before" and "after" pics to various (blissfully unaware) doctors got the same "dioxin poisoning" diagnosis from the lot of them. Anecdotal? Yes. But combined with the Austrian clinic's information, I'm convinced.

As a follow up to the "Yanukovich may drop off the ticket" strategy from yesterday,
Discoshaman (am I just reposting his blog at this point?) points out that he may not really want to do that, but his erstwhile backers (Kuchma and yes, Putin) may be wanting to jettison what has become dead weight. Effectively, they may be working against each other at this point.

And, my opinion of Vladimir Putin is declining precipitously. In an irony of ironies,
he's accusing the US of meddling in the Ukrainian elections. And he's resorted to not-so-veiled threats at obstructionism in ragards to Iraq as retaliation:

Mr Putin broadened the dispute yesterday by telling Ayad Allawi, the visiting Iraqi interim Prime Minister, that he could not foresee how Iraqi elections could be held on January 30.
“I cannot imagine how it is possible to organise elections under the conditions of occupation by foreign forces,” he said at a meeting in the Kremlin.

Vlad is clearly still governing in the 1970s and hoping he can rebuild his position into what Kruschev had in the sixties. Clearly the ruling elites haven't learned the lesson that eventually freedom prevails.


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