Monday, January 03, 2005

I Got News for You, Wayne

Sit out two seasons, and there may not BE an NHL.

Gretzky also denied recent published reports that the Phoenix Coyotes franchise is for sale.

Not that there's really anything to sell. I mean, seriously - what is an NHL franchise, other than a logo, some player contracts, and a lease on an arena? None of that has any value outside of an agreement legitimizing the contracts and the actual subsequent playing of hockey.

It's sad. I'm afraid my kids will grow up thinking of the three major sports, and hockey will be much like lacrosse, a sport played at colleges by a few, but with no serious professional league. In the Americas, anyway.

Heck, I'd like to see the players start their own league. The NHL started with six teams. I find it hard to believe that the players can't get enough guys together to form six teams and play a short season. If nothing else, as a way to stay in shape and as leverage against the owners in negotiations. Look, with owners like Gretzky talking about next year, they've got nine or ten months to get it together. What have they got to lose?


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