Monday, January 24, 2005

Ukrainian Blog I've Neglected


A great rundown on all sorts of angles I wasn't aware of, including the latest info on Yushchenko's poisoning:

· Britain's germ warfare laboratory in Porton Down has received a biopsy of his skin which shows several poisoning attempts over a four-week period.

· Not one but two deadly poisons have been found in his body.

· Evidence has emerged that seems to link one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's closest staff members to the murder plot.

But hold up. Abdymok is telling us this is sensationalized, and even "unsubstantiated crap". I trust the truth in all of this will come out eventually, but for the moment I am left more confused and skeptical of all sides than ever before. Once apon a time, I would have run with the NYTimes account, unquestioning. Isn't the blogosphere great?

Special thanks on the heads up from the host himself. Lots of good snow-bound reading.

Did I mention I'm still in Philly? Did I mention it's snowing again?

I'm never getting out of this joint.


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