Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Glowing and Eloquent Endorsement

Of the "Ownership Society" by it's original proponent, Jack Kemp.

The ownership society realizes that economic freedom and political freedom are two sides of the same coin: that we are not truly free until we have control of our own destiny and until the man-made roadblocks on the path to success are removed. These obstacles are what the president has in mind when he talks about tax reform, Social Security reform and tort reform.

These are the barriers he wants to remove by creating personal retirement accounts, health savings accounts and lifetime savings accounts. Ownership of your house, your education, your retirement and your future. The president is talking about enabling American entrepreneurs from the Bronx to the barrios and from Watts to Washington, D.C., to have the opportunity to achieve their dreams and realize the promise of America.

Ah, Jack... If only you were a better public speaker...

If I were granted the power to appoint a president, this would be my guy.


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