Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Terrorism Succeeds

via Publius Pundit,

Barcepundit has translated a document found on the computer of a "key perpetrator" of the March 11 attacks in Madrid:

The document was recently found by police, according to the Cope radio network who has seen it. It says: "those who were suprised for our quick claim of responsibility in the battle of Madrid, let them know that there were other circumstances. In the case of Madrid, the time factor was very important in order to put an end to the government of Aznar the ignoble.

So there can be no doubt about the purpose of the bombing, and if you weren't quite sure:

when he was brought before a judge after the first 72 hours in isolation (permitted by Spanish anti-terror legislation), the first thing asked by Jamal Zougam, another of the key suspects of March 11, was: "Who won the election?".

Bottom line? While it is possible that this may not have swung the election against Aznar, it is unquestionable that the terrorists acchieved the outcome that they desired. In their eyes (and mine) they killed innocents and were rewarded magnificently. I cannot see how this does anything other than to encourage further terrorism. There's a template out there that can be followed, with concrete results to point to as motivation. I would expect more and greater examples of this kind of action in the future.


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