Monday, April 17, 2006

"10 Best" Senator Takes Junket to Brazil on YOU

Time Magazine's "10 Best" Senator, Arlen Specter (who gets there by being "contrarian" ), of recent "to hell with fiscal prudence" fame, decided to celebrate by spending the Easter weekend with fellow taxpayer advocate Jeff Sessions (R - Ala.) at a posh resort in Brazil. You'll be pleased to know they have chartered a military "executive 737" for the purpose... on your dime.

The Time article quotes his former chief of staff David Urban:

"You can find a lot of people who don't like Arlen Specter, but you can't find anyone who doesn't respect him."

Clearly, no one asked me.

All you GOP'ers who voted for Specter over Toomey in the primary a couple of years ago... How you liking your boy now?


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