Sunday, November 14, 2004

I'm also torn

About this

I love Arnie, and anyone who
appoints Milton Friedman and Arthur Laffer to his council of economic advisors has my vote for president, but I'm not so quick to think that amending the Constitution to allow foreign-born presidents is such a great idea. The founders knew what they were talking about - and the Constitution ought not be amended without an urgent reason. While I like the prospect of President Arnie on some level, it certainly does not fit the criteria of "urgent".

As farfetched as the idea of a foreigner scheming to take the presidency and then proceeding to act against America's interests, it must be protected against, however remote. Stranger things have happened in human history.

More likely, however, is the simple truth that any foreign-born president would, quite naturally, have a pre-disposition to favor his homeland in foreign relations. There are a number of ways in which this could manifest itself, some relatively benign - perhaps a sweetheart trade deal or two - some perhaps not so inconsequential - military aid or arms, or even action on behalf of the nation in question.

If the constitution were to be changed, I have to say I'd be likely to vote for Arnold. But I certainly cannot support an admendment that would make that a possibility.


Blogger siklecelarmenia said...

There are certainly more pressing issues that would warrant a "change" in the Constitution. Bearing "automatic weapons" as arms would be one candidate.

A foreign born person will ALWAYS have another "loyalty" in his home country.

Let foreign born folks reap the benefits of living here. But don't let them run da joint!!

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