Saturday, November 13, 2004

I'm torn

About this.

I think the rules ARE disregarded too often, and making the establishment follow them under all circumstances IS a noble goal.

However, the third parties need to realize that at this point, they are running a PR campaign. And everything they do has to be looked at through that prism. This will be taken by many to be whiny and petty and thus is poor PR.

Probably not a good place to put your energies, in my opinion.

Looking at the election as a whole, however. If the Dems buy the bullshit media line about this being a "moral issues" victory, and start moving socially towards the GOP on religion, gay marriage, the drug war, etc. the libertarians will have a hole big enough to drive a truck through.

The super bonus in this scenario is that this would accomplish the split of the social lefties (ACLU types) from the anti-capitalists - hopefully bringing some of the folks in the former group to see personal freedom as something that should extend into the economic portion of our lives.

Well, when I dream at night, this is what happens, anyways. In reality, it appears the LP is content to play the role of mosquito to the elephants and asses of the two major parties.

What you gonna do?

Oh, and another note to the Libertarian Party. How about a real website, that you update from time to time. It's embarassing that as one of your supporters, I have to link to the Greens to get the party news.


Blogger siklecelarmenia said...

"However, the third parties need to realize that at this point, they are running a PR campaign."

Or maybe the Dems are putting them up to it. :)

10:10 PM  

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