Monday, January 24, 2005

Bull... uh... loney

From today's Inquirer

Mayor Street's top aide testified today that he was not referring to political contributions when he balked in July 2003 about a proposal to give work to a financial-services firm that "doesn't give" and doesn't "even arrange for us to get money."


After White said it was "because of Denis, Denis Carlson, whose been with us for the last 10 years," Burrell said, "... All I know he's, he's at Janney Montgomery Scott and he can't give us any money and Janney doesn't give. They don't even arrange for us to get money."

"Did you mean political contributions?" asked Assistant U.S. Attorney Joan L. Markman during cross-examination.

"No," replied Burrell.

He testified that he had been referring to civic-leadership activity as well as support for the Welcome American program and the Avenue of the Arts.

"My intention was to deal with the fact that Janney Montgomery Scott was not one who was actively involved in local issues," Burrell said.

So, not only are they corrupt, they think we are idiots.

Of course, 58% of the city DID vote for this administration.


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