Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I've Just Gotten a New Favorite Charity

Let's be honest, I'm certainly not what I would consider a "philathropist"... I don't have millions to give away, and don't do charity on a regular basis. I have however, given a modest amount to Americares in response to the tsunami devestation in Southeast Asia. It's my feeling that if I am going to espouse the theory that the government has no right to use confiscated money on a function with which it is not explicitly charged, and that private charity should be responsible for such functions, then, well dammit, you'd best make that happen. So I have, in my own little way.

However, I am frequently disgusted with the politics and inefficieny of such organizations, sometimes even their outright corruption. So where to give, should the impetus arise at a later time? Well, it's tough to know where your money is truly needed and will legitimately put to good use. However, my new favorite charity has established momentus credibility this week. If Doctors Without Borders ever asks for money, you can be sure that they truly need it. It's incredibly refreshing to know that not everybody or every organization out there is an agenda-driven, self-important, power and money hungry cesspool of waste and inefficiency.


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