Thursday, January 13, 2005

Philly also in the News

For the arrest of four folks protesting "Outfest", the city's officially sanctioned homosexual block party.

Now, I'm sure these four were acting like, well, jackasses. We've all seen these types before. The ones with huge signs, bullhorns, and chips on their shoulders the size of the Millenium Falcon. And for the life of me, I can't figure why they have nothing better to do with their time than complain about what consenting adults do behind closed doors.

But 47 years and $90,000 a pop? That just seems a BIT out of proportion for being obnoxious, no? And can I slug the person who came up with the ridiculous notion of "hate crimes"? It's a crime or it's not. It's not the place of the court to determine one's motivations and their relative merits or lack thereof.

And to this guy:

"Jim Crow has been resurrected in Philadelphia, and instead of being targeted at African Americans, he is targeting Christians," Joe Murray, a lawyer with the American Family Association's Center for Law and Policy, said during a radio program that reminded listeners that Philadelphia is the home of the Abscam scandal and the MOVE bombing.

"If this city were built on a swamp, I'd say it needs to be drained," Murray said, "because it's a dirty city."

Jim Crow? dirty city? Is this what they teach you in law school these days? Spout off random unrelated insults on the broad geographic area where the case will be held? My god, if I ever need a lawyer to defend me, I hope he's smarter than you, bud.


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