Thursday, January 06, 2005

Bush Buckles on Sovereignty

I'm pissed.

Go read about it on Boortz's site.

This is why it is not a good idea for governments to engage in charity. Over $350 million that was seized from the American people through confiscatory taxes will now be spent by an agency that is dedicated to the destruction of American sovereignty. Nice going.

Right on. Jeez, it appears that the George Bush with a spine that says "Even if our military effort was all SNAFUd, I'm standing by my guys" is absent on this one - in his place we have the spineless version that hasn't yet opened the ink pad for the "Spending Veto" stamp.

Oh, and if you aren't upset about this, you need to browse on over to the Diplomad and read up about where your "relief" dollars have just been redirected.


Blogger loki said...

I have been wondering where the voices of sanity were in regard to tsunami aid, and lo and behold one of them shows up on house of the dog.

In the rush to outdo each other by appearing charitable, all other priorities apparently go out the window. And, everyone seems to forget that the government has no money. It only has our money. And, if I read my Constitution correctly, spending my money on charity is not within the Federal governement's domain unless it is necessary for national security. But hey, that argument was lost long ago.

Anyway, we've linked you back. Glad to see a voice of sanity writing from nearby Roxborough.

8:31 AM  

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