Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A First Step for Lukashenko?

From Radio Free Europe

President Alyaksandr Lukashenka said in an interview with Arkadii Mar, editor in chief of the New York-based Russian-language weekly "Russkaya Amerika," that Belarus is open to foreign investment, Belarusian Television reported on 14 February. Lukashenka also expressed the government's readiness to sell land to investors for the construction of factories. "In any part of the country we cannot only give an investor the right to build [a plant] but also sell him the land," Lukashenka said. "But preferably for [introducing] new production capacities." Belarusian Television noted that readers of "Russkaya Amerika," jointly with the New York-based radio station Nash Golos (Our Voice), have declared Lukashenka the best politician of 2004.

One problem there, bud. Who's gonna trust you not to regulate and/or tax them into the ground, nevermind the very real possibility you would nationalize them on a whim.

Sorry, my friend, you just haven't made yourself an attractive option for investors. I have a feeling the foreign investment in the region is gonna be on the other side of your southern and western borders.

You made your bed, now your people are going to lie in it as the neighbors pass you by. Damn shame, really.


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