Sunday, February 13, 2005

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Maia over at House of the Dog alerts us to the latest outrage from the Street administration - a gala reception for anti-American lovers of America's favorite celebrity cop killer, Mumia Abu Jamal. I'm pleased to report that the Street administration, in the person of:

Mjenzi Traylor, the city's first deputy director of commerce, told the crowd of about 150 that he was there to "make certain that we are receiving the message that you would like for us to deliver to Mayor Street."

And the sweet folks who care so little for a public servant killed in the line of duty, yet so much for his cold-blooded killer, they left with replica Liberty Bells, presumably provided for them with tax payer dollars. And still policemen all over the city, and their relatives and friends will continue to vote for these people. What exactly will it take to throw out the machine? Do the John Streets of the world have to personally burglarize every citizen and go and physically deficate on Daniel Faulkner's grave before people will consider voting for the ....r ...r ....r ... republican..... (*gasp*) opposition?

Is the brotherhood of leftist reactionism and hatred for capitalist America so strong that it trumps respect for the slain and loyalty to the folks who protect the law abiding citizens of our city each and every day? Is the slaying of a police officer not an issue on which the citizens of this city and the administration can agree to stand united and refuse to give credence to those who will not acknowledge humanity's most basic wrong? Is this the point that we have reached in this city?

Maybe a more appropriate reception would be to arrange a meeting for these globetrotting ignoramouses with Daniel Faulkner's widow Maureen, and perhaps a couple of the cops who hang out at Callahan's down on 26th and South. Then perhaps a field trip to 13th and Locust, to take a look at the plaque in the sidewalk where Danny Faulkner's lifeless body lay after what at least four unbiased witnesses describe as Mumia firing at least three shots at Faulkner at point blank range.

To every cop, to every wife, parent, or child of a cop, to every homeowner and storeowner relying on a cop to patrol the neighborhood, to every parent of a child on the way to school, counting on the police to be there to keep them safe, to every young woman walking through Rittenhouse Square at night glad there was a cop there who's presence caused that freak following you to scurry off into the alleyway, know that this is how the administration shows it's support for the city's policeman - by welcoming with open arms and indeed GIFTS those who would celebrate the slaying of one those cops by naming his assasin an "honorary citizen" of their home city, Paris.


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