Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Dark Day for America

Today the average American without connections to government elites lost big.

I've written about the New London Eminent Domain case before. I don't think I stressed strongly enough the absolute Pandora's Box of tyranical evils that this decision opens. Government power may now be employed in the confiscation of private property for the gain of a third party private entity. What this ruling does is nothing short of establish that nothing you have is truly your own. Everything you have is only in your possession at the whim of the all-powerful government. If they should choose to reclaim it for whatever reason, or determine that someone else can use it to what they deem a better purpose, then it ceases to be yours without any need for justification and with compensation only defined as whatever they feel to be reasonable.

This is the same attitude towards private property that existed in Stalin's Soviet Union, and I stand by my position that it's not an incomprehensible leap from the New London homeowners having their houses siezed to collectivization in the 1930s Ukraine.

My gratitude and admiration goes out to Justices O'Connor, Thomas, Scalia, and Rehnquist for their defense in a losing effort. To Stevens, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Souter, and Breyer... you have destroyed a massive component of a free market system, the cornerstone of a free society. We as individuals are left only to rely on the restraint of officials in power for the ability to maintain the product of our lives' labors - a tenuous situation at best. I can only hope that that restraint will be shown, by and large, for if it is not history will surely judge you harshly for the grave mistake you made today.

Via Politburo Diktat: See Arguing with Signposts for a roundup of the outcry.


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