Friday, June 24, 2005

Screw Eurovision

Greenjolly helped win the REAL battle

Radio Free Europe

Last year, the Ukrainian pop artist Ruslana, a brunette scantily clad in a leather and fur ensemble, won the Eurovision song contest with a song featuring traditional Ukrainian instruments. This year, another Ukrainian group, GreenJolly (right), vied for the top honor on home turf in Kyiv. But the trio placed only 20th out of 24 with their rap song "Razom Nas Bahato." Contributing to their weak finish were poor marks from the Russian and Belarusian judges. Journalists speculated that the judges panned the song not because they didn't find it catchy enough but because of its role as anthem for Ukraine's Orange Revolution

If you missed the catchy anthem of the Orange Revolution,
check it out here courtesy of Dan McMinn at Orange Ukraine

Also up on Radio Free Europe is
another inflammatory article suggesting the 2006 presidential elections are targeted for another youthful revolution:

Syarhey Salash, chairman of Skryzhavanne (Crossroads), an independent NGO dedicated to educating and training political active youth, declared that he is "absolutely sure our Belarusian youth will be very active in [Belarus's 2006 presidential] elections. They will be just as passionate as the youth in Georgia and Ukraine were and other countries of the former Soviet bloc. I am very hopeful that 2006 will be the year of great changes in our country."


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