Wednesday, July 20, 2005

10 Years for Corey Kemp

That's the bottom line for the former Philadelphia city treasurer for accepting "gifts, bribes, sporting tickets, a deck and $10,000 cash to steer municipal contracts to lawyer Ronald A. White, a Mayor Street confidant, and his allies." as well as "falsifying his income taxes, defrauding his church and a state welfare-to-work program."

The man took the police power of state and leveraged it to his advantage. The general opinion I have heard is that this is a particularly harsh penalty, and maybe too harsh. I disagree. Government figures need to be held to a higher standard. They are the only people legally entrusted with the use of force, be that to extract money or imprison. As such, when they abuse that power for personal gain, they deserve punishment commensurate with that betrayal of that trust.

Oh, and regarding your statement here, Mr. Kemp:

"I apologize to family, friends and the citizens of Philadelphia for having to endure this case," he said. "I'm not here to dispute facts, because I was convicted by a jury... . I'm asking for mercy. I made mistakes, but I did not have any criminal intent... . I gave my best effort to get the best deals for the city of Philadelphia."

BULLSHIT! Don't lie to us. You're only sorry you got caught. And best effort to get deals for the city? You really expect people to buy that load of crap? You gave your best effort to get deals for yourself and to hook up your boys. Period.

Enjoy your stay in the slammer.

Only part of the whole situation that I do regret is that, as his lawyer, L. George Parry, stated, "If this were a baseball team, Corey Kemp would be the bat boy." Well, maybe not bat boy, maybe more like a middle reliever. My hunch is the star starting pitcher is still comfortably in office.

But perhaps there's still hope more will come from all this. Asked if there were more corruption indictments on the way, the government's lead attorney stated "The probe continues."


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