Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More Corruption Probe Fun

Three more low-level bureaucrats were caught in the feds Philadelphia government corruption probe treating taxpayer money like lottery winnings. This time $13,000 for lavish parties.

Since I find something we agree wholeheartedly on, this gives me a chance to link, a great blog run by a well-intentioned bunch of misguided folks who I actually think I'd have a great time hanging with over a beer or three at the Standard Tap, before, of course, the obligatory wrestling match over the city wage tax. Anyways, money quote from DanielUA:

Those who simply want to pin this on John Street are just silly; this is clearly a systemic problem that started well before Street and/or Ed Rendell were Mayors. But, and this is a big but, Street is the Mayor now, and this is happening under his watch. As the leader of Philadelphia, it is his responsibility to try and change that culture. Unfortunately, I don't think he, or most of our leaders, particularly care about it. It is the system which brought them into power, which means it is probably good enough... right?


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