Monday, August 08, 2005

AWOL period done....


Yes, I have been gone from the voter intimidation capital of the US for the better part of the last couple of weeks. And as I have been hanging with Grandma(s) and Mom for the better part of that time, let's just say wifi access was not the issue of the day. Explaining to an octagenarian why I wish the government would just do away with "my" social security, and why I don't think FDR was a great American hero were just a couple of the highlights of this rare period of family duty.

So now I return to my usual business of wasting my life away in front of a series of screens, and can resume pointing out items of interest to me, like this interview of Peter Jennings by Neal Boortz during the last set of New Hampshire primaries. Dude played hockey as recently as last year. Who knew?

Although I've long ago abandoned network news, I've always felt that of the Brokaw, Jennings, Rather triumvirate, Jennings was far and away the most professional. For better or for worse, never again will a single individual have the kind of power to shape the news that network news anchors of their era had. Rest in Peace, Peter... and the rest of you - don't smoke.


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