Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State of the Union Observations

- Bush did a great job outlining the problems with social security's funding - and then proposed changes that do nothing to address it.

- Hear that murmur from the left? That's the sound of statists aghast at the proposition that anyone gain even a modicum of control over 4% more of their income. Always remember, you're not competent to provide for yourself - you need the "promises" of government to provide for you.

- They will make sure us younger workers can only select a "conservative mix" of stock and bond funds. I'm sure these funds will be "carefully selected." Oh, that's not open to abuse or likely to promote distorted prices between "selected" and "not selected" securities. And it's not much of a stretch to imagine the wrong folks in charge employing methods similar to those of Street administration bond issues in the "selection" process.

- Ukraine made the first paragraph! Ding - WOO!!

- Faith based initiatives, gay marriage amendment. Well, I guess Bill Bennett will be happy. *sigh*

- Yeah, I was near tears with the two women embracing at the end. What of it?

And, yes, for all my misgivings I'm glad it wasn't Kerry up there.


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